Aside from its rich history and culture, the Amalfi Coast has one of the most stunning, breathtaking landscapes in Italy.

Many trails are carved in the cliffs, the most famous one runs along a mountain ridge high above the Mediterranean Sea, the Path of the Gods. The main section of the hike connects the small villages of Nocelle, a fraction of Positano, and Bomerano. The name of course suggests the spectacular scenery. Thanks to its position on Mount St. Angelo a Tre Pizzi, you can admire one of the most beautiful views in the world - the western part of the Amalfi Coast from Praiano to Capri.

The Path of the Gods is an extraordinary monument to the boundless obstinacy and exertion of humankind that, throughout the ages, has been able to colonize even the most impracticable places.

Today, shepherds, woodsmen and farmers still use the path as it winds through cliffs and valleys surrounded by ancient dry stonewalls, vegetable gardens, lemon groves and old vineyards all covering the mountain like a blanket. On the path you find caves and terraces seeming to drop from the cliffs down to the sea below. You can admire nature in all its glory, far and wide, as elegant peregrine and falcon glide above you.