One of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Founded by the Greeks in the late seventh century a.c., it preserves with grandiose Doric temples (the so-called "Basilica" and the so-called temples of "Neptune" and "Ceres"). The temple of Neptune is considered one of the best Doric temples of the absolute world. Of great importance is the famous "Tomb of the Diver" kept in the Archaeological Museum of Paestum.

Many writers, poets and artists like Goethe, Shelley, Canova and Piranesi were fascinated by this spectacle that turned out for them a source of inspiration.

In summer, after visiting this amazing archaeological site our journey continues in the direction of one of the largest and most famous Buffalo Mozzarella Farm, where we have the ability to book a private tour of the farm, where we can watch the production of mozzarella and eat it freshly made.