“This land is so happy, so delightful, so fortunate that is obvious, that it is nature's favorite. This revitalizing air, the perpetually clear skies, the so fertile land, the sunny hills, the dark forests, the mountains lost among the clouds, the abundance of vineyards and grapevines...and so many lakes, the copiousness of the running waters and springs, so much sea and so many ports! A land opens at all sides to commerce and that, as if to encourage man, reaches its arms out into the sea” These words were written about the Campania region by Pliny the Elder, a philosopher of the 1st century BC.

The ancient referred to this region as "campania felix", the happy land. Splendid natural beauty, a mild climate and fertile soil make Italy’s Campania region an ideal destination for those who appreciate nature alongside with history, culture, architecture, art and most especially - a grand culinary heritage.

A lust for life’s pleasures has made the people of Campania prolific producers of many excellent products ranging from wine to cheese, pasta, olive oil, liquor and pastries. Countless foods and wines provide you an exciting gustatory adventure.

Dairy farm visits, winery tastings or a cooking class can reward you with the discovery of genuine local products, traditional and classic creations, and all that is good and tasty! It is what gives Italy its reputation as the land of delicious foods and wines and what gives Italy’s guest the most joy.